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Our Mission

At, our mission is to provide a platform for the appreciation and creation of hand-crafted resin art. We believe in the transformative power of this luxurious medium and strive to share its beauty with the world through our collection of unique home decor pieces.

At Must Crafts we have handcrafted resin articles for home decor and corporate use. May it be platters, rehals, wall arts, clocks & serving tray! We have variety of luxury decor items


FREE On-going resin art live sessions

This art is an expensive hobby! We want you to learn it properly so that you do not waste your hard earned money in supplies by trying it without understand it’s scientific structure, viscosity, toxicity, precautions and side effects.

Online Live sessions only

Join in the live sessions and explore this medium of creativity

February Session 2023

Registrations Open! Rule and regulations to be followed!